About DBT Tri-Counties

DBT Tri-Counties was founded in 2020 as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. There was such a high need for evidence-based interventions such as Dialectical Behavioral Therapy that the original founder, Matt Metcalf, transformed his private psychotherapy practice, Matt Metcalf Counseling, into an organization dedicated to providing high level comprehensive DBT.

At DBT Tri-Counties we view ourselves as a guide for families who are struggling with a family member such as an adolescent or young adult who has very intense emotions. Below is a concise message of what we stand for including our vision statement, mission statement and our core values.

Vision Statement

Providing quality outcomes for adolescents and their families through evidence-based research and high-level training.

Mission Statement

To serve the community as a highly skilled team of mental health professionals by providing comprehensive Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, training mental health professionals in DBT, and teaching DBT skills to the world.

Organization Values


We believe in being in a state of constant dedication to DBT and other evidenced-based practices that will help adolescents and their families.


We strive to efficiently and effectively provide our clients with very high quality DBT services.


We recognize and affirm that that the feelings and opinions of others are either valid or worth listening to and in many cases both.


We believe in trying new methods, ideas, and products that can help us implement DBT.


We believe in having an intense and eager enjoyment, interest, and zest for life. We believe in living a life worth living and having relationships worth having.


We believe in the quality of being amusing and playful, especially with our colleagues, clients, and their families. The purpose of humor is to bring enjoyment to those around us and not to be used at the expense of others.

Radical Genuineness

We believe in the quality of truly being what we are in the moment and recognizing that we can then change and move forward if necessary for growth.


We believe in challenging colleagues, supervisors, clients, and families when ideas and concepts which include language and behaviors are detrimental to the process of therapy and treatment.

Conflict Resolution

We believe in methods and processes that facilitate the peaceful ending of unresolved conflict, gossip, false accusation, and all other destructive behaviors that hurt mental health organizations and, therefore, hurt clients. We also believe that conflict handled respectfully is one way that our relationships can improve.